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Limewire Booster Downloads

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LimeWire Download Thruster 4.7.0

Limewire Download Thruster is a p2p module able to make your Limewire client provide higher speeds to your downloads. It's an extremely useful tool to use together with Limewire as it automatically improves the functions of your file sharing app.

LimeWire EZ Booster 3.7.0

LimeWire-EZ-Booster is an amazing add-on for LimeWire client, designed to retrieve all the loss of a poor connection and obtain the maximum speed for your downloads. It proposes both a wonderful, futurist-looking and easy-to-operate interface.

UltraBooster for LimeWire 3.4.0

UltraBooster for LimeWire is a program designed to boost the download speed of your Limewire client. It perfectly integrates with the latter without any assistance from the user and automatically improves the Internet connection and the file sharing.

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