Offices Downloads

A collection of Offices Downloads for Windows

Offices Downloads

WHOS-IN Pro In Out Board 2012-03A

Locate your office coworkers efficiently with WHOS-IN Pro in-out board


The powerful motion detector on the basis of the usual Web Camera for protection of private houses, apartments and offices.

UK Post Offices Directory 2.1

UK Post Offices Directory with addresses, telephone numbers and street maps. Post Offices include Sub post offices , royal mail post offices , rural post offices , post office sorting offices , main post offices , local post offices.

OfficeSIP Alerter 1.0

OfficeSIP Alerter is a simple, easy-to-use and free instant sip messenger. It was not designed for prolonged chat, it is handy when you need to send single message. It is good replacement for old-fashioned Alerter Service.

OfficeSIP Server 2.7

Free voice calling between employees over the Internet with OfficeSIP Server


OfficeStatus is a professional grade employee in/out board software solution. It solves the problems associated with trying to keep track of who's in and who's out of the office.

Business Barcode Software

Business Barcode Software enables us to create different types of labels with option to print them multiple times on same or different papers and use designing tool like pencil, line, circle, ellipse etc to generate colorful and attractive rolls.

Design Barcode Sticker

Design Barcode Sticker software provided by is able to make tag in specific size, color and shape like ellipse, circle, rectangle, square, triangle according to user requirement.

Packaging Barcode Tool offers Packaging Barcode Tool that allows you to easily and quickly design stylish tag using existing image, picture or photograph and having option to save created tag in any format as users choice.

Free Postal Barcode Generator

Want to generate wonderful postal envelop labels within few seconds? If yes then download Free Postal Barcode Generator utility that is beneficial for crafting bar code labels, stickers and ribbons for post offices.