Relationship Downloads

A collection of Relationship Downloads for Windows

Relationship Downloads

DB Visual ARCHITECT for Windows 6.0

Database design tool - reverse legacy system, ORM, ER Diagram, Class modelling

Database Architect 2.0

Define database tables, fields, references, and generate the database. When working with Database Architect, software developer defines database structure, drawing it directly in the program's window and generates the DB directly from the program

Schematic 3.17

A vector graphics diagramming tool for creating rich, informative diagrams

Terrasoft CRM 2.88

CRM for mid-size business provides tools for sales, marketing, service

CRM-Express Professional 2013.12.1

CRM Software - CRM-Express manages your marketing, customers, sales and orders. Features include SMS abilities, Email Client, Calendar, Address Book, My work day, News Feeds, Meeting Planner, Company Library, Form Designer, Journal.

RVX Manager 1.0

RVX Manager - standard, open and flexible ERP solution

CASE Studio 2 LITE 2.22

Database design tool for more than twenty database systems.

SubliminalEzy Light 10000.1

FREE Subliminal messaging software program... Now you can effortlessly program your mind and supercharge the self-improvement process with no more effort than you're spending reading this page. Choose from over 70 prewritten categories.

InstantSalesTracker 3.0

InstantSalesTracker is a reliable and feature-packed database designed to help your business easily manage sales, purchasing, inventory and accounts. Streamline your business processes with this flexible, yet powerful, business management system.

SQL Edge 3.3

SQL Edge not only allows users to execute SQL scripts, but also provides a powerful way to visualize data relationships. With SQL Edge, users can use only one query to retrieve data in a master table, and then browse data in all related detail tables

BioWIN 5.11

Biorhythm charting software. Features: Primary, Secondary and I Ching cycles, biocompatibility, profiles database, best match search, good/bad day search, clean and intuitive interface

Forte CRM Solo 1.0.0

Forte CRM Solo, the 'complete electronic contact file', for the small businesses with growth in mind. First of the extensive Forte CRM product range, it provides contact based CRM features to automate your relationship procedures, at no cost.

Contact Organizer Deluxe 4.21

Contact Organizer Deluxe is a flexible contact management software for Windows users. Our contact software solution gives you an easy way to gather and organize information about all your business contacts.

AzDGDatingMedium 1.9.3

100% Templates Based, Messaging System, Multilanguage, SEO optimized, Matchmaker, Advanced search, News, Testimonials, FAQ, Polls, Popularity, Favorites, Badword checking, Statistics, Admin maillist, Platform and Hosting independent, and more

How to Pick Up Women in Nightclubs 1.0

Download this free e-book featuring 27 Chapters on how to successfully meet, attract, and seduce women in nightclubs. You must have this book, if you go to nightclubs!

CMS CRM (5 User) 3.07.000

CMS CRM is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system designed to help you effectively manage your customer base.

SprinxCRM Free Edition 6.2.6

SprinxCRM is a full featured customizable web based CRM solution. Integrated with Microsoft Outlook and major business registers it will help You make the right business decisions.

VisNetic MailFlow

Email response management and archiving software. Administrator defined routing rules allow incoming emails to be automatically handled and routed to the appropriate agent groups for prompt attention. Administrator defined agent rights to features.

RelationshipSecure 1.0.2

This program provides a complete platform for staying in touch with your contacts. It can let you know about contacts you haven't heard from for a while, and recommend current news articles to email them based on their particular interests.

SQL Developer 1.0

Database programmer's workplace used to create and execute SQL queries and scripts, debug script execution, view results and manage databases. Compatible with any SQL database: Oracle, MS SQL, DBF, Access, Paradox, etc.

Navicat Premium (Windows) Best-in-class Tools for your... 11.0.11

Navicat Premium is a Multiple Database tool for you to connect to MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL databases simultaneously within one application. It supports most of the features of Navicat members including...

Neuro Enhancer Self Help 3.0.0

An application designed to program your mind using brief subliminal messages.

ilifecoach 1.0.1

iLifeCoach offers online consultation with life coaches

Get Back 2 your loved one 1.40

I am going to give you ALL the BEST strategies and secrets that have saved thousands of relationships worldwide. I am going to show you how to fix and restore any relationship then make it stronger than ever.

Navicat Premium (Mac OS X) Best-in-class Tools for your... 11.0.11

Navicat Premium is a Database Administration tool for you to connect MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL databases at the same time within one application. It supports majority features of Navicat members including...