Winsock Packet Editor - WPE Pro 0.9a

Winsock Packet Editor (WPE) Pro is a professional application used to analyze network traffic and extract other data sent through network.

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This file returns virus warnings, we don't personally believe it contains a virus because it's a "packet editor" used to analyze network traffic... regardless we highly recommend you stay vigilant and cautious with every file you download.

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Winsock Packet Editor WPE Pro Staff Review


The WPE or Winsock Packet Editor download is a packet sniffing tool, commonly used for network traffic analysis and troubleshooting. It is not a secret that the software of this kind is on high demand nowadays. Due to its proven reliability and efficiency it provides, Winsock Packet Editor is among the most popular programs used for game training.

How it works

Winsock Packet Editor is classified as a packet sniffing and editing tool  the group of tools better known as sniffers. Allowing the modification at TCP level, WPE Pro allows you to intercept the valuable pieces of information. Interception itself is being done in the data channel.

Using the software allows you to pick a piece of the data from the memory and modify it before it reaches its destination. Winsock Packet Editor is performing the process of surveillance over the data channel allowing you to record specific processes or set the filters to modify the packets. You can control the intervals in which the packets are being exchanged. WPE can be used as a very successful tool to analyze network problems, troubleshoot web applications, simulate and detect network intrusion attempts, monitor network usage, filter suspect content out the network traffic, etc.

In order to successfully use the WPE Pro you will have to obtain a technical knowledge on how to follow the instructions given in order to obtain particular goal by using this software. This software is not recommended for users with beginner software skills and for those who are not familiar with using such a tool.

A virus or not

Vast majority of novice users, who havent had any experience with the Winsock Packet Editor before, have been, and will be complaining about the WPE being detected as a virus. Well this myth is about to get busted. Being a sniffing tool, Winsock Packet Editor has a piece of code within that is being recognized as malicious by any serious anti virus software. It is important to understand that everything detected as a virus is not necessarily a virus. Winsock Packet Editor is recognized by AV software as a false positive a result that indicated that a given condition is present when it is not.

This is a common practice with anti virus software and it normally happens when the anti virus software detects programs such as sniffers, keyloggers, remote access tools, etc. These programs are detected as harmful due to the specific piece of code they need to contain within in order to execute operations they are supposed to.

To sum it up, Winsock Packet Editor (WPE) is NOT a virus, it is a false positive and you can feel safe about using it.

Publishers Description

Winsock Packet Editor (WPE) Pro is a network analysis tool. WPE Pro allows modification of data at TCP level. Using WPE Pro one can select a running process from the memory and modify the data sent by it before it reaches the destination. It can record packets from specific processes, then analyze the information. You can setup filters to modify the packets or even send them when you want in different intervals. WPE Pro could also be a useful tool for testing thick client applications or web applications which use applets to establish socket connections on non http ports.

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Reviews of Winsock Packet Editor - WPE Pro 0.9a

Score Review Reviewed User
100% Works just as intended, turn off your antivirus programs as this is a "packet editor" - It won't install unless you disable your av, it is not a virus, the big companies just want you to think it is because it can be used to hack games and what not. Jan 13, 2014
100% i used this to hack into my favorite game and now life is much easier. i rated all of these as 100 because i could use it very easily and its in a very good working shape and the installation only took 3 secs or so the appearance is good simple and pleasant.i turned off my anti virus the used it when i finished using it and closed it then wipe my computer for virus no virus was found thx Jan 25, 2013
100% its Good! i love it very much so good and excellent!!! Oct 14, 2012
100% It's good. And I must download it for my games. I need wpe pro, to play games that need wpe pro application. I hope i can download it. Yeah. Aug 21, 2012
100% Love it. its a cool hack but the problem is i dunno how it works neither to its filters -.- Aug 17, 2012
100% wpe pro 0.9a is super cool i love it so i cool hack games Aug 12, 2012
100% thank you so much my name is ali akkaya really thank you ı love this site number one really number one Aug 09, 2012
100% Works just as intended, turn off your antivirus programs as this is a "packet editor" - It won't install unless you disable your av, it is not a virus, the big companies just want you to think it is because it can be used to hack games and what not. Aug 05, 2012
60% I downloaded the WPE pro yu but when I select the program you want the password key is I do not know Feb 01, 2012
60% Very good application. I love it, it's so pretty so good and so so ! Get it free Aug 10, 2010

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